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What makes us unique and puts us a class apart from the conventional wedding videographers is our authentic cinematic style that we incorporate in designing a dynamic wedding video that continues to inspire beautiful memories for our discerning clients. At Seed of Light, we believe in your dreams and desire to make your wedding day an exquisite affair worth remembering for a lifetime and are passionately invested in ensuring that we capture each and every special moment of your Biggest Day in great detail.

Dublin Wedding Videographer

Lisa & Justin wedding video is a walk down the memory lane. The magic of the good ol’times, the laughter, the merry-making, and togetherness is essentially the theme of this wedding film that explores the nuptials on a deeper and more personal level.

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Love Story


The cheer and the laughter!


Shot on the bride’s family home and Station House Hotel, Lisa & Justin wedding film is an authentic cinematic style with glorious visuals and captivating conversations among near and dear ones. While Lisa looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous mermaid-style wedding gown and a stylish hair up-do, her prince charming Justin looked equally charming and suave and evidently delighted at the prospect of finally getting to spend the rest of his life with his lady love! As the bride and her father approach the party, the grand garden-themed outdoor wedding venue awaits the duo.  Complete with a live music band, luscious green surroundings, and gorgeous flower decorations, the Lisa & Justin wedding is indeed a dreamy affair that seems to have been inspired by a fantasy fairy tale. 

From the spellbinding exchange of rings to the sentimental family speeches, the recital of the nuptial vows, and the super innovative photo sessions for the wedding party and the newly married couple, the Lisa & Justin short film is, in essence, a larger than life depiction of when your choicest dreams come true!


We make it possible!


The Lisa & Justin wedding party had been organized in an outdoor garden theme against the refreshingly tranquil backdrop of lush green trees and flowerbeds manicured to impeccable detail at Station House Hotel. The idea was to create a soothing harmony between the raw and earthy charm of the Mother Nature and the contrasting aesthetics of the wedding décor and guests. 

 We are a team of professional videographers in Dublin that believe in the innovation to ensure that each and every wedding video that we create is authentic, unique and exclusively designed around the couple style and personality of the respective wedding theme. Each of the frames captured authentic emotions of each of the family members. 

The fleeting moments of happiness and joy at the wedding have been brilliantly shot and edited to create a truly cinematic style wedding that would let the now happily married couple relive their glorious past and dream for a blissful tomorrow!

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Luck and Happiness

to Lisa & Justin


Here’s wishing all the luck and happiness to Lisa and Justin!